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el 6 de enero de 2017
Overall I liked it and YES, it is useful, here is what I have to say about this book, but first some premises.
- This is the first "memory" book I have read.
- I'm writing this review a week after reading the book completely and have done actual efforts to put in practice.
- I have never tried using techniques before, reading this books (peg system, memory palace, journey method, name it, I haven't)
- At first I don't believe mnemonics will work for "everything", more on that on my review.

Ok so let's get to the point.
First thing I have to say about this book is that it actually worked for me, and helped me figure out I'm a very visual person. To use the techniques described in this book(which the author himself mentions that they exist from a long time ago, and other memory books share the same basis, only told in a different manner), you need to learn some principles, these have to do with concentration, "visualization and creation of images in your mind", connecting those images to stuff already in your long term memory, and finally practice continuously.

The book contains very clear instructions on exercises, I have found out that after a week of reading a list over 10 items in one exercise, I still remember it, but one thing is certain. One has to be very serious about following the steps, and this takes effort and energy. Being openminded and taking this book seriously can have great positive results, but it will only be true if put in practice.

After reading the book I have used the techniques and tried to visualize several things that I find very very interesting for me, like the circles of hell in Dante's Inferno, some interesting quotes in the Art of War, in very little time.Still as I'm still beginning with this "way of thinking", I have found several struggles.
Here's the thing, the techniques requires you to create or imagine in your mind very visual vivid experiences, I only have done this naturally when reading fantasy/science fiction/horror(my preferred genres) books. As a result it is easy to remember what you imagine and related to memories already stored in your mind, however for me it is exhausting. Don't get me wrong, creativity and imagination is something that takes actual energy from your body, you get tired in a similar way as you do when doing actual physical exercise, it is no different. Some memory book authors compare memory championships to olympic sport competitions, these comparisons are far more true that what I had imagined.

Good news, continuous practice for me seems to be working out and I'm getting used to generating vivid images in my mind to apply the techniques. I had considered my self a person with a very bad memory, after applying the concepts(even a couple of days or a week later), I noticed an outrageous difference in my memory capabilities. I do feel as a more capable person.

Will it work for everything? - still unsure.
Before I finish, one thing to set up straight, I'm a software programmer, and often work with very abstract concepts, the book shows a way that gives one the possibility to potentially memorize a book verbatim (after practice and hard training). To talk in more realistic terms, let's try to memorize quotes, I have done that easily after reading the book, BUT, try memorizing programming source code... Certain things can be remembered but very abstract concepts have limitations when trying to apply the methods describes. At least, at this first month of practicing. The thing is, to best remember something, it needs to be linkable with a visual experience, keep in mind that linking some(not all, or at least after further practice) mathematical, abstract concepts will be a difficult task, still the techniques had helped me to easily remember essential "abstract" concepts related to algorythms, methods, and then I can fill in the gaps with reasoning, rather than remembering how to solve problems. Use the memory techniques wisely, and complement with other skills to solve problems.

Overall, a great experience, I will continue to apply concepts to my daily life, and even i my professional activities, complementing when needed with other functions of the brain.
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el 25 de diciembre de 2017
I found the book easy to read but a little bit general and basic in some aspects. I would've liked to have more information on the journey method and recommendations regarding the organization of the information memorized. I would recommend including a guide to memorize this whole book and a final test to review your performance.
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el 16 de octubre de 2016
This book is exactly what I was looking for. I was looking for a short and concise book to that explained the memory techniques that I've heard mentioned in various videos and articles and I found it. Great book. Short, sweet and to the point!
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el 5 de noviembre de 2017
It’s the first book about memory that I’ve read. I really like the methods and they work. If you are open minded I think you’ll find the information really useful.
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el 8 de noviembre de 2015
By far rhe best book on the topic, concise. Straight to the point. All books should be written in this light, easy to grasp, direct form.
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el 19 de julio de 2017
It was my first book about memory improvement and almost everything I read was new to me. It starts with some mind advices, kind of motivational book. But then he explains all memorization techniques, it's like a manual. I did the exercises and I was so impressed that I could remember 14 words while I was just reading the explanation; 3 days later I still remember them, without effort! I just need to modify some techniques because my first language is not English. But I'm definitely going to use these advices for my university life very soon and my language learning.
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el 28 de marzo de 2018
I had high expectations from this book the moment I bought it and it did not let me down. The author avidly describes the methods in an arcane matter such that it captures your attention throughout the whole book. With these methods remembering main ideas, dates and practically anything will become easier.
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el 5 de diciembre de 2017
Se lo recomiendo a cualquier persona que quiera retener información, me gustó mucho y si me han funcionado las técnicas que se recomiendan en el libro.
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el 5 de noviembre de 2015
Just finished this book and its amazing. It has a triple benefit: Great tools/content, easy to digest and also motivational!
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