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25 de febrero de 2018
Here's the thing. I have been struggling with depression and anxiety for the bettter part of the last 6 years. As you may well know by this, my life now, despite myself being a bit better, is a total chaos. My house is chaos (and I live alone), my routines are chaos (and include 10+ hours of surfing the web), my relationships are chaos (and so many people have chosen to stay away) and it all created a weird unending cycle because a living environment that is a complete chaos can actually make you depressed and anxious, but being anxious and depressed will put your living environment in a complete chaos.

Not anymore.

Or rather, it's starting to actually change. One small change at a time. Using this well explained and well researched little book I was able to put some order into all of the chaos. It's not a huge change right now, at least not from the outside, but being able to breath more calmly because at the very least I can keep some order and do some light cleaning around my life it's a huge deal for someone that has the problems I do. Everyday now I wake up at the same time, I do some light cleaning, cook something healthier and do five minutes of breathing afterwards. Enough to keep me more focused and less prone to sudden mood changes if things don't go great during the rest of the day. And I know this is just the start.

This is the book to change your life. If you are desperate enough to change it and honest enough to recognize you need some extra help (besides medicine and therapy, which also help a lot! by the way, but sometimes we need a little extra).

And I just can't recommend it enough to anyone that is looking to do something else, to get themselves out of a tough emotional situation or that just want a better overall life for themselves and those around them.
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