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The Evaran Chronicles Box Set: Books 1-3 (English Edition) de [Hart, Adair]
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The Evaran Chronicles Box Set: Books 1-3 (English Edition) Edición Kindle

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Descripción del producto

Descripción del producto

Reality is sometimes not what it appears to be.

Dr. Albert Snowden just wanted to be there for his niece, Emily, after the loss of her father. Being abducted by aliens, and then rescued by a mysterious being known as Evaran, has made that difficult. Despite their situation, they try to make the best of it while traveling through space, time, and beyond with Evaran and V, Evaran’s trusty mobile artificial intelligence. With the use of Evaran’s time-traveling ship, the Torvatta, they will try to maintain timeline integrity while dealing with the challenges that brings.

This box set contains the first three books in the Evaran Chronicles. If you like science fiction, time travel, technology, and adventure, then this series is for you.


The Awakening—Book 1 of the Evaran Chronicles

A heavily damaged alien research vessel in the Andromeda galaxy is hurtling toward a planet. The aliens should not be there. They have been traveling through space and time, abducting apex predators and sticking them in virtual simulations for research. The problem is the virtual simulations are powering down, unleashing the specimens on the ship.

Dr. Albert Snowden and his niece, Emily, were abducted by the aliens. They are visited by a mysterious being named Evaran in the last minutes of the virtual simulation. He has decided to interfere in this timeline-changing event and rescue them.

Stopping the ship from crashing into the planet before getting to Evaran’s ship is one issue. Navigating the apex predators on the loose is another. To make matters worse, Jerzan Graduul, infamous leader of the Bloodbore mercenary pack, has boarded the ship in search of salvage opportunities and has noticed Evaran’s ship. The hunt begins.


The Fredorian Destiny—Book 2 of the Evaran Chronicles

The timeline is wrong. This is discovered when Dr. Albert Snowden and his niece, Emily, travel with Evaran to a galactic cultural exhibition event on Kreagus, the capital home world of the Kreagan Star Empire and galactic superpower near Earth. The Fredorians should be presenting an ancient artifact, known as the Arkaron, to the Kreagan emperor. The problem is they aren’t. Evaran has decided to step in and help the Fredorians achieve their destiny while stabilizing the timeline.

They must find the three lost Arkaron crystals in order to assemble the Arkaron. To make matters worse, Seeros, a powerful industrialist, has put a price on their heads, causing bounty hunters to harass them each step of the way.

As if that weren’t enough, an unknown faction is hiring freelance mercenaries to hunt them down as well. Evaran is joined by others, and together, they will have to navigate these perils to assemble the Arkaron and achieve the Fredorian destiny.


The Purification—Book 3 of the Evaran Chronicles

The past has changed, and the timeline has been updated.

Dr. Albert Snowden and his niece, Emily, experience this while traveling on Evaran’s temporally shielded space-and-time-traveling ship. What they discover is that humanity has taken a different path, one that has made Evaran decide to interfere and change human history.

Discovering what caused the change is one issue. Dealing with the nonhuman factions in Earth’s past is another.

To make things worse, Dr. Snowden has to deal with a personal issue. It does not help that Emily is on a prison planet where she must survive, alone.

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  • Editor: Quantum Edge Publishing (1 de noviembre de 2016)
  • Vendido por: Amazon Mexico Services, Inc.
  • Idioma: Inglés
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4.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas The Evaran Chronicles is perfect for fans of Dr Who or Star Trek – Brilliant Series well worth the Read! 2 de abril de 2017
Por Jas P - Publicado en
Formato: Edición Kindle Compra verificada
This is a collection of Books 1-3 of the Evaran Chronicles, and includes ‘The Awakening’, ‘Fredorian Destiny’ and ‘Purification’. This is a fantastic set for anyone who has not read the series, or is a fan of the series and wants the collection. Following are reviews of all three books:
1: The Awakening:
This is the story of Dr Snowden and his niece Emily, who have been abducted by aliens and taken aboard a huge starship. The thing is, they have no idea, as they were taken and placed in a holographic reality in which time dilates and passes slower for them. As such, they have continued to live on with their normal lives. This is until one day, a stranger arrives called Evaran. He tells them that what has happened, and that the ship they are on has been damaged and that they are in danger. They have been left in the ship along with a multitude of other species that have also been abducted. I don’t want to give away too much, but the adventure that unfolds as Dr Snowden, Emily, Evaran, and the others they meet along the way is truly amazing. Hart has written a fantastic Sci-fi book that is a brilliant read, full of thrilling adventure, exceptional characters and some really outstanding writing.
This is a really fun and engaging story, just what good Sci-Fi should be.
If you want a great story that is easy to read, this is definitely worth the read.

2: The Fredorian Destiny
The 2nd of the Evaran Chronicles see Emily and Dr Snowden having been dropped at home for 3 months while Evaran was off doing other things. He returns to check on them, and Dr Snowden asks if they can travel with him, and Evaran says yes, happy to have some travelling companions, and someone to show the universe. We also learn that Jay has made a full recovery and is doing well.
Although these are called the Evaran Chronicles, the story is mainly told from the point of view of Dr Snowden, so it is Dr Snowden’s story of his time with Evaran. This gives the story an interesting perspective as Evaran is obviously incredibly advanced, with knowledge, technology and abilities beyond normal comprehension, and this way, we get to learn it from Dr Snowden’s viewpoint, as well as an easy way to explain it to the reader.
These stories are like a cross between Dr Who and Star Trek, there is that real feel of Evaran being similar to some sort of incredibly powerful being (such as the Time Lords), who has dominion over space and time. At the same time, there are these multiple ‘away’ missions, with that feel from Star Trek. It makes for a really easy read, with some fascinating scenarios. The really interesting thing in these stories is Hart’s description of the technology and the physics surrounding space and time, and the various concepts of travel related to these. Hart has done some fascinating research to bring these facets of her story to life, adding a new dimension to the story, and making it that much more enjoyable.
There are many features of ‘Chronicles’ that work to make it a wonderful read though, and another of these is the Characters. Hart’s characters are all incredibly well written, each with a different aspect that kind of fit together to make this piece of the puzzle – Dr Snowden is the curious one, and also the Father figure for Emily, Emily is the emotional gauge of the group, Evaran is the overall Guardian. It is a very interesting Dynamic, and each ‘Mission’ tends to see new additions to their group adding further aspects to it. This gives Hart an endless supply of character qualities and combinations to play with and makes for very interesting reading.
In the 2nd story, the main story (without breaking the Prime Directive – No Spoilers sorry), is that after Emily and Albert (Dr Snowden) decide to go for a trip, they find themselves entangled in a series of events in which they must help retrieve something, something that will help all of humanity. This leads to a slew of different missions throughout the galaxy and amazingly enough… Well you will have to read it to find out more. On top of that, there is a sinister plot unfolding in the background, someone wants Evaran, as well as Emily and Dr Snowden.
This is an awesome adventure story, very easy to read and a lot of fun.
If you are a fan of Dr Who, or like a good Sci-Fi adventure story, this is definitely for you.

3: Purification
In the third evolution of the Evaran Chronicles, the team become aware that time has altered around them, but of course they are safe aboard the Torvatta. They suddenly find that the universe has been changed, and that Humans have evolved quite differently. Humanity is a xenophobic race, fully intent on purifying the galaxy of all aliens.
What follows is of course another exceptional tale, similar in vain to Star Trek or Dr Who. Along the way (without giving away too much), Emily is separated from the main group, and lost on a prison planet that is through a time dilation portal, meaning that time passes much quicker for her that the rest of the team. This puts Emily in some very real danger for the first time in the Evaran Chronicles, and this made the book a lot more interesting this time around.
There were a lot of new and interesting characters in ‘The Purification’, Hart had a great time creating some brilliant and outstanding characters that really brought the story to life, not only telling the story, but captivating the reader and drawing us into it.
Hart also has a lot of fun with the science and technology of the stories, inventing some incredible and amazing gadgets for Evaran and the crew. This technology adds a level of fun to the story and allows for some interesting scenes. The other aspect is the science, in which Hart has made a real effort to research some fascinating and captivating information about the universe, time travel and just in general, again, making this a fascinating read that is really creative.
Overall, Purification is easily the best of the three Evaran books so far as it has a bit more of an edge, a lot more character development and a really exciting story. This is really worth the read.

This is a brilliant series, well worth buying individually, let alone as this fantastic collection. For anyone who is a fan of Dr Who or Star Trek, you will love this series.
5 de 5 personas piensan que la opinión es útil
5.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas Wonderful Story 3 de enero de 2017
Por Daniel - Publicado en
Formato: Edición Kindle Compra verificada
I choose this rating because the story keep me entralled. I wanted to keep reading and find out how it ends. I liked the ending in the third book. They all seemed to tie together. The tbird book had a thoughtful and emotional ending.
5.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas A wonderful sci/fi series I would love to see as a series on tv! 11 de abril de 2017
Por Montzalee Wittmann - Publicado en
Formato: Edición Kindle Compra verificada
These books have the best world building, no matter what world, characters, dialogue, intriguing plots, and excellent fun along their journeys. Love this series.
Book 1
The Awakening is a very imaginative exciting sci-fi book that I could not stop reading once I started. A handful of people are abducted by aliens but are in a deep sleep and think they are living their lives as normal, kinda Matrix-like. The ship they are one is damaged and someone comes to tell them the truth to prepare them for the awakening to the real world. The main characters are Emily and her uncle Dr Snowden. They meet others people onboard but also other species that have been abducted. The band battles a failing ship, crazy creatures, then bad guys (of course!). The guy who is trying to save them is well known and feared in the galaxies as one not to mess with but it doesn't stop some hard core mercenaries coming to attack. The book is fast paced, characters well developed, very imaginative, creative, has lots of surprises, and plot well planned. I enjoyed this book completely and look forward to more from this author.
Book 2
The Fredorian Destiny by Adair Hart is another great sci-fi/fantasy novel, second in the series but can be read as a stand alone. This continues from where Evaran (alien that saved them in book one) comes back to talk to Dr Snowden and Emily and takes them again on a trip. This trip they end up on a mission to find the crystals. Of course they are not without trouble along the way, bounty hunters, creatures, elements of all kinds. This book, like the first, still has the crazy and imaginative wonder of new worlds, time travel, weird adventures, crazy twists, turns, creatures, and plot. The characters have stayed true from last book. The may be a little less fight scenes and a bit more sleuthing from the last book but not much. Although I do enjoy his fight scenes with the crazy creatures and strange weapons they have. Never dull. Enjoyed it as I did the first book! Don't wait to start this series, it is a hoot!
Book 3
The Purification: Book 3 of the Evaran Chronicles by Adair Hart is book three in the series but can be read as a stand alone. It is another exciting book with the intriguing alien Evaran who has allowed Dr Snowden and his niece to come on his travels. The space-time traveling ship alone is so unique a whole book could be written on just it. One this adventure, Emily is captured and put on an alien planet through a rift so there is no telling where she was sent. She is on a planet alone with very imaginative creatures and beings/situations and keep the reader on the edge of their seat. A real page turner. Meanwhile, Dr Snowden deals with his own issues. Evaran is trying to track her down. There are multiple other issues ensuing! Chaos! Suspense, excitement, intrigue, action, adventure, twists, surprises, and more. Loved this book, heck, I have loved the whole series! These should be a mini-series on TV or movies! A must read for sci-fi fans/fantasy fans!
2 de 2 personas piensan que la opinión es útil
3.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas Review Evaran 30 de abril de 2017
Por Amazon Customer - Publicado en
Formato: Edición Kindle Compra verificada
The concept, while seemingly borrowing from Dr. WHO, is still good, scenes and characters were very descriptive, by the third book the storyline had become more riveting, however, the author needs to remember what was written previously, such as V having a more human voice in book 2 and a sense of humor, but being relegated back to a digitized voice that says analysis before each sentence, in book 3. Also, needs to up the vocabulary, EVERYONE, half-smiles, jerks their heads back and smirks! EVERYONE, humans, aliens, anyone from anywhere, this was very irritating.
4.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas A fun tale of multiple universes 25 de junio de 2017
Por Gary RV_Wizard - Publicado en
Formato: Edición Kindle Compra verificada
This entertaining series leaves sci-fi and even fantasy behind and enters the realm of fairy tale. There is no pretext of explaining any science or even rationalizing how travel across time and space and even multiple universes might be possible - it is sheer magic! The hero Evaran is a incredibly potent traveler across time and space, with unimaginable capabilities (and always a new one pops up when needed to miraculously save the day). Fortunately, he is a sort of future Lone Ranger, working to right injustice wherever he finds it. The plot is somewhat simplistic, about on the level of a graphic novel, but the characters are warmly engaging and the reader is soon cheering for Evaran and Friends to conquer another foe and triumph once again.
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