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The 10X Rule: The Only Difference Between Success and Failure (Inglés) CD de audio – Audiobook, CD

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Descripción del producto

Descripción del producto

Extreme success, by definition, lies
beyond the realm of normal action.
If you want to achieve extreme success, you can't operate like
everybody else and settle for mediocrity. You need to remove luck and chance
from your business equation, and lock in massive success. The 10X Rule shows
you how! Success is your duty, obligation and responsibility, and this audio
book gives you step-by-step guidance on how to achieve phenomenal success for

With The 10X Rule, you'll learn to establish the amount of effort needed to
guarantee success and ensure that you can continue operating at this level
throughout your life. Most people desire success and have great ideas but
they come up short on the amount of action required to get their lives to the
exceptional levels they deserve. Four degrees of action exist, and in order
to achieve your dreams, you must learn to operate at the fourth degree of
action: Massive Action. The 10X Rule will dissolve fear, increase your belief
in yourself, eliminate procrastination, and provide you with an overwhelming
sense of purpose. The 10X Rule compels you to separate yourself from everyone
else in the market-and you do that by doing what others refuse to do. Stop
thinking in terms of basic needs, and start aiming for abundance-in all areas
of your life.

The 10X Rule guides you toward the frame of mind that all successful people
share. Aim ten times higher than you are right now-and if you come up short,
you'll still find yourself further along than if you had maintained your
life's current status quo. The 10X Rule teaches you how to:
Reach goals that you previously thought were impossible
Correctly set goals and guarantee their
Create unprecedented levels of happiness and satisfaction in every area of
your life
Use fear as fuel to move you into action
Get everything you want and never have to settle
Dominate your competition and become
a role model for success

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3.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas I liked the book, with a couple of caveats 13 de octubre de 2016
Por Ted Anderson - Publicado en Amazon.com
Formato: Edición Kindle Compra verificada
This book is probably better suited to sales professionals than it is for would-be entrepreneurs. The central thesis of the book is that extreme effort is the key to success and that we should never rest nor give up on our goals. While it is certainly true that, all else being equal, hard work will win out over mediocre effort, there are a couple of caveats:

1. Extreme effort will not turn a bad idea into a successful business. Suppose that an entrepreneur wishes to open a microbrewery centered around his recipe for broccoli-infused beer. If prospective customers strongly dislike the taste of the product, no amount of effort will make this recipe a commercial success. Hard work is necessary to become a successful entrepreneur, but it is not sufficient. Even good business ideas generally suck at the beginning, and it is crucial to modify and fine-tune ideas based on market feedback. Sometimes, the best course of action is to give up on an unsuccessful idea in order to free up time and resources to pursue more promising opportunities. Just like in poker, the trick is knowing when to throw more chips into the pile and when to fold. A sales professional who is promoting a product in an established market is different from an entrepreneur trying to become the next Elon Musk. In the former case, hard work is sufficient to be successful.

2. Extreme effort is best expended over short bursts of time rather than as a 24/7/365 lifestyle. Working 18-hour days is not sustainable over the long term. Your health will suffer, as will your mental focus. Success is like a marathon with periodic short-term sprints at key moments. It is physically impossible to sprint for the entire race.
551 de 578 personas piensan que la opinión es útil
3.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas Motivational, but Redundant 2 de febrero de 2013
Por Jeff Eskow - Publicado en Amazon.com
Formato: Pasta dura Compra verificada
I like Grant Cadone very much, and thought You're Either First or Your Last was pretty powerful.
When I heard about the 10X Rule, I ran out to buy it.
While the concept is powerful, and I HAVE learned a thing or two from the book, I thought it was terribly redundant.
If you are into Sales Motivation books, there is Nothing ground-breaking here.
The second to last chapter has a list of 32 qualities of sucessful people...and if you pay attention you will see that he repeats himself several times. I was able to consolidate the list down to about 24 items, maybe less.

Dont spend $20.00+ on this book. Just do this:
Understand and accept that no matter HOW bad the economy is, people ARE making money.
Set VERY high goals for yourself...make a powerful and convincing plan of action...and you'll be on the way to being successful. The higher you set the bar, and the harder you push yourself, the further along the track you will get.

The folks who DON'T plan and DON'T try are the ones whining about beinbg losers.
Don't be a loser.
14 de 15 personas piensan que la opinión es útil
5.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas I opted for the audiobook after muddling my way through the print book first... 5 de agosto de 2016
Por Pam Tremble - Publicado en Amazon.com
Formato: Pasta dura Compra verificada
I first bought the book and started reading with pen and highlighter. But it got a bit tedious. Then I heard a friend say the audio book was much better since it was read by Grant Cardone himself. So I added it to my Audible playlist. Yep, much better and easier to process. The audiobook was much more than Grant just reading the text though -- he definitely went off on mini tangents many times in each chapter. You got the full effect of his speaking style with him as the narrator. The concept of the book is great. Work harder than anyone else around you and put in more effort -- 10X the amount of effort -- and you'll end up reaping more benefits than anyone else. It's nothing new, of course - work hard, see more results -- but the way Grant Cardone presents it is inspirational. If I had it to do over again, I'd skip the purchase of the hard copy book and go straight to the audiobook. That's not normally how I prefer to consume books like this, but I guess this is the exception to the rule. A good "read" for anyone wanting to up their game in business.
252 de 264 personas piensan que la opinión es útil
5.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas 7 Things I Learned From This Book 14 de agosto de 2011
Por Marlon C. Sanders - Publicado en Amazon.com
Formato: Pasta dura Compra verificada

Thisd book can potentially be life changing.

I've created many of my own products and sold millions online. Yet, I
took away some very valuable ideas from this book.

Here are the top 7 things I learned (or was reminded of in a positive way):

1. Instead of blaming the economy for down sales, blame your activity level for being too low

It's easy to get in the mindset that the problem is the market or the economy. He makes a
great case that the problem is the activity of you and/or the employees in your company.

2. Become omnipresent

He has a chapter about omnipresence. This is a GREAT mindset for marketing....become
omnipresent in your market.

3. Seek to dominate your market instead of being competitive.

Being competitive is the wrong target. This is a great point and changes your mindset

4. We consistently underestimate the activity level required to get a result

The problem isn't laziness or anything else. It's simply that we underestimate
the activity level required to launch a new product, make sales or create a
successful marketing funnel.

5. 10x thinking + 10x action

This isn't about thinking only (like Think and Grow Rich) or action only.
Action without the right thought behind it spins your wheels.

6. Set your goal to be 10x greater than you think you need

Expand your thinking. I like this idea. It changes the activities you
plan to reach your goal.

7. Plan to take 10x the actions you think you need

Now, there are a LOT of ideas and nuances I didn't list above. One
of the things he does that's terrific is covers objections to increasing
your activity level.

He made me think about some of the ideas in my own thinking and
re-evaluate them. Very useful.

I highly recommend this book.

Marlon Sanders
6 de 6 personas piensan que la opinión es útil
2.0 de un máximo de 5 estrellas To Me, a Bad Idea 1 de noviembre de 2016
Por Robert W. Bly - Publicado en Amazon.com
Formato: Pasta dura Compra verificada
To me, absurd. He says the secret to success is set 10X higher goals and do 10X more work than you are now to achieve them. It is a surefire recipe for burnout for 99% of his readers. A much better success book is Essentialism, which takes a different approach and boosts your productivity and results by having you focus only on the one or two things that are most important and shoving side all the rest.